Hi, I'm Brad Crane, the person behind ThisOpenSpace.org. That's me, reflected in the handle of a canoe, floating on the intense blue water of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.

Whenever I have the chance, I get out and photograph the open spaces that I enjoy. I live in Portland, Oregon, so the Pacific Northwest is usually where I find open spaces to roam and photograph.

I do not earn a living from my photography, so I find time for it between working my day job and chasing around my two young boys. But I enjoy nature photography immensely and have pursued it for many years. I hope that the effort I put into creating each photograph, together with my love of the places that I photograph, translates into a final print that you will enjoy.

And, of course, in creating ThisOpenSpace.org, I hope my photos will inspire others to explore, appreciate and support open spaces.

About the prints and other products.

The photos on ThisOpenSpace.org were made with a variety of methods: 35mm film, medium format film (6cm x 7cm), 6mp digital and 16mp digital. Each format has a maximum size beyond which print quality declines. For this reason, I have limited the products available for immediate purchase to the sizes that retain the highest quality. If you are interested in larger sizes please contact me and I can make the size you like available.

Zenfolio (the web host for this site) has partnerships with many vendors that offer a variety of products. In addition to prints there are frames, canvas wraps, mugs, mousepads, etc. I added a few of those products to ThisOpenSpace.org before becoming dizzy. If there is anything I missed that interests you please contact me and I'll try to make it available. For a list of all the vendors and their products, take a look here.